Permanent/temporary placement

Especially in times of economic fluctuation, companies must be flexible. In case of staff shortages, you can rely on our qualified short-term staff. As a result overtime can me minimized and the company`s permanent employees can be temporarily relieved.

For seasonal work, family and medical leaves, and special short or long-term projects, temporary placements are your best choice. In order to be able to react to production peaks or to put an order in hands at once it is vital that the respective personnel is immediately available. Our experience shows that usually a long time is passing between companies realise the personnel shortage, calculate the respective operating figures and as a result employ the necessary personnel. On the other hand it also takes a lot of time to size down in case of economy cools down. Our contacts and experiences enables us to provide you with both the respective qualified personnel and the matching calculation.

Payroll Services

To achieve your specified headcount requirements, we offer payrolling. For existing employees, for whom no positions are available any more, we offer to bring them into our occupation. Your staff will maintain at its usual workplace. We charge a monthly flat fee per employee (excluding all wage-related deductions, overtime and other allowances).

Payroll outsourcing involves a third party (an outsourcing company) in the calculations of salaries and deductions. The outsourcing organization is responsible for all the activities of the payroll accounting. It saves time and cost for your organization. Even if there is a small number of employees in your organization, payroll outsourcing would be very benefical – we offer to analyse the payroll records and the payroll taxes, assume the processing with the national authorities and insurance companies, and be the single point of contract for all personnel affairs.

Personnel Consulting

Apart from the general HR topics we are specialists for exclusive topics concerning aviation personnel.

We ensure and supervise the compliance with the official requirements from the national aviation authorities (e.g. trainings).

Personnel Controlling

The primary object of personnel controlling consideration is the company`s workforce. It is necessary to have a permanent overview of all economic figures – like

  • staff numbers
  • cost structures
  • personnel planning
  • risk management (personnel risk)
  • training needs analysis
  • organizational units
  • cost units

Controlling personnel is far more than a retrospective or best current monthly HR statistics. The instruments of personnel controlling allows future consideration by using foresight and forecast data and analysing trends. This allows to predict statements for the future. The accuracy of these predictions depends on the quality of the output data of the probability of future data and time horizon of the forecast.

Controlling is often (incorrectly) translated with control. While it is a retrospective control and static process, refers Control (correct translation of the term) to a proactive, dynamic planning and consideration. Thus, in HR, for example, amounts to the above qualitative or quantitative data determined and used to guide the human beings.

We help to prepare complex facts according to the needs of your company together with your human resource department and management.

Compensation Management

The design of suitable and performance-based compensation systems is a key differentiation factor in the market and has a large impact on the attractiveness of employers. It is very important to find the balance between contentment and motivation with the right salary incentive.

Employees should be managed properly and motivated by providing best remuneration and compensation as per the industry standards. The lucrative compensation will also serve the need for attracting and retaining the best employees.

Compensation provided to employees can direct in the form of monetary benefits and/or indirect in the form of non-monetary benefits. Compensation does not include only salary but it is the sum of all monetary and non-monetary rewards and allowances provided to the employees in return for their efforts. If the compensation offered is effectively managed, it contributes to high organizational productivity.

Individual personnel solutions

Each organization has its own history. One of the differences is the speed of growth. Whilst there are gently growing companies on the one hand, the necessity to react to fast changing market conditions forces other companies to grow very fast. As a result in many cases the gently growing organizations establish strong and sustainable structures whereas in fast growing companies the establishment of such structures usually stays behind the speed of growth, which makes the system less sustainable and vulnerable to economical abnormalities and crises.

Of course also HR-processes can be affected by such deficiencies. In order to avoid such problems as they could increase the instability individual designed HR-solutions are necessary whereas the design of the contractual relationship, the compensation system or the working hours can be affected. We offer such individually designed HR-solutions especially to fast growing entities.

External assistance

For all organisations not having available own HR-departments we offer the external management of all HR-necessities. We handle the recruiting process, the contractual design, consulting with respect to employee´s safety and we act as single point of contact for all your employees, relating their contractual relationship.

In case of not holding an internal HR-department we support to establish the structure of an HR facility and accompany during a certain period. We help you to establish a state of the art HR-department, which serves exactly your needs. After the establishment we will accompany your organization for a certain time and afterwards hand over the agendas step by step to your employees. And if required we will even afterwards be at your disposal as consultants.


Leave the search and selection to our experienced job managers. This saves you time and money, and lessens the risk of expensive errors in recruitment. This lets you concentrate on what really matters: your core business.